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The Ankle Kit

I’ve been wearing this for approximately two weeks now. I work a 5-day work week Monday through Friday and I put this kit on in the morning before I head to work. When I get to work I change into my uniform and put it back on. I leave it on for the 8 hour shift and then wear it back home and take it off when I get home. On a normal work day I am wearing this for about 10 hours. I also wear it on the weekends if I go out anywhere. The ankle holster is so comfortable and light weight that I barely notice I have it on most of the time. The items that it comes with all fit nice and snug in their little slots and the holster has little bungee type cords built into each slot with a quick grab red tab to put around the items to keep them from falling out. I have been using those tabs for all of the items except the tourniquet, the TQ seems to really stay in place and if I were to need it very quickly I wouldn’t want to deal with trying to get the cord off of it. Also, the slot for the tourniquet has a piece of fabric that rises up higher than the rest of the holster to protect your leg from the tourniquet rubbing against it. I do feel that if I am wearing sneakers then the holster seems to be a little bit large (because my ankles are small) so I took a strip of Velcro and stitched it onto the small slot that is there for the decompression needle. I don’t carry one of those so I’m not worried about stitching that slot closed. This way I can make the holster a bit tighter when it is strapped on lower down my leg but still has enough Velcro when I am wearing higher boots. I haven’t felt that wearing the holster on my ankle gives too much of an imprint and I would rather have a little imprint and the kit with me than nothing at all. Also, I don’t have a lot of room on my pistol belt at work so I don’t have the room to carry a trauma kit on my belt. I have been very happy with this ankle holster and honestly don’t see anything to complain about with it other than it being a little loose on my ankle when wearing low sneakers but I fixed that issue but stitching some more Velcro into it.


Ankle kit

It's a great kit so far, it's easily conclied compared to the DARK or DARK slim. The only this is it was extremely hard to put the contents into the pouches which leaves me to believe that it will be equally bad hard to get out especially under stress. The tie down tabs are a bit flimsy but overall it's a great kit. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone with any skill level