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Ankle Kit - Trauma Kit

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Ankle Kit

A lot of the reviews were saying the supplies will work their way out, and the kit rotated on the ankle too much. I’ve had neither experience with this. The small bungee retention works well, and it stays oriented the way I put it on. It’s lightweight, relatively small, and is very comfortable all day. My job requires me to walk and be on my feet for 8hrs+, and I walk an average of 10miles a day. If there was an issue, on the first day of wearing this, I would’ve known. My only request would be to have a video showing how it stock it, maybe better than I have, and to make the pockets just a 1/4”-1/2” talker, because the vacuum sealed packs are a bit sharp if you don’t get the tucked super well.


Always ready trauma kit

I was a grunt doc a lifetime ago and now I am a teacher. Between the school shootings and jilted idiots stabbing people over prom rejections, I do worry about being able to make a difference when the SHTF. Our nearest Fire Department might only be minutes away, but that is no consolation to a stabbing or gunshot victim. And school nurses? Sorry, not convinced they can to the work. So I have a kit in my desk but I still wanted something closer to hand. This kit is it. I got quickclot control dressing, a chest seal kit, a compression bandage, and a tourniquet. They even throw in a pair of nitrile gloves. This is gonna handle a lot of bleeds - and certainly will keep a bleed under control until I can get someone to show up with my bigger kit. I've been wearing this for a week now and it is comfortable. It doesn't present much of a tell either. The tabbed bungees keep the gear in place and the pouches themselves provide for a pretty snug fit. This means stuff isn't going anywhere until I want it out. The tabs also mean that I can slip the restraints quickly. This is a sign of a well-engineered product. If you are looking for something that will handle the unthinkable, that is convenient to wear and is unobtrusive, you can't do much better than this. I do recommend you spend time developing that muscle memory by practicing reaching for what you want. This is a great kit at a solid price for the value.