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Ankle Kit - Trauma Kit


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Ankle Kit

It took a couple of days to break in, but after wearing the kit for a week it has become almost unnoticeable. The kit fits well over boots and boot cut jeans. It is comforting knowing that I have the gear on me to possibly save my own life or the life of another. My only critique is that the bands that loop over the contents to hold them in place tend to not stay in place and stuff tries to work its way out of the pockets. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is serious about their EDC; whether you are carrying a gun or not, you should always have medical supplies with you.


Stocked Afak

I wore the ryker afak for quite a while so my review can only compare the dark to the ryker. I appreciate the elasticity of the dark afak, the ryker is not elastic. The dark has both an elastic ankle band and elastic pockets that securely holds contents along with the much appreciated red tabbed bungies. The ryker has neither elastic pockets or bungies. The ryker afak has an inner pocket on the ankle band to hold chest seals which greatly reduces bulk. The dark does not. The ryker is also more heavily constructed and is overall a bit larger than the dark. This, to me, made the ryker more comfortable as it's thicker material spread the pressure of the contents on the ankle. The ryker also comes with an extender to go over larger boots. This could easily be fabricated for the dark. The ryker doesn't have sharp edges anywhere, the dark does. Each afak has pros and cons. I do feel the contents are more secure in the dark. My CAT always tried to hop out of the ryker, the dark's bungie holds it secure. Not to mention the dark has a pad that extends out of the kit for the tq so it doesn't bite into your leg. I wish I could give it more of a review but I cannot as I've only had it a short amount of time.