Mission: Blue Line

Most LEOs are not issued med kits. They either pay for them out of pocket, or wait for a budget to be approved, remaining without that life-saving equipment in the meantime. Our brothers in blue don't deserve red tape. Help us help them! 

When you purchase any D.A.R.K.*, simply use coupon code BLUELINE at checkout. You'll receive a 5% discount, which we'll match to donate kits to active duty LEOs all over the country. Show 'em you've got their six. The life you help save might just be your own.

Want to do more? You can now purchase a gift certificate and donate it to Mission: Blue Line. Just purchase a gift certificate of any amount, and in the Recipient Name put "Blue Line" and in the Recipient Email put info@darkangelmedical.com and we'll put that money towards getting LEO around the country med kits.

**Any D.A.R.K. includes: Standard, Slim, Lite, Pocket, Blue Line, Pocket Jr., Mini, AARK or AARK Pack. Coupon code cannot be used on discounted items.