Dark Angel Hat

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It's a hat. In various colors. Do you really need a detailed description?

Ok, fine...here ya go... Ripstop cotton material with a hook and loop adjustment band on the rear and and loop square on top.

Low profile fit and they are super comfortable!


7 Reviews

Jul 18th 2017


Your hat is awesome. Didn't need to break it in and follically challenged head wasn't a salt lick for the wild life. I lost the hat on a rescue mission but, without hesitation another one was order and on its way. I can't say enough about the hat's comfort and fit.

Jun 13th 2017

The coolest hat in the class

I am a Lab Instructor for EMT's. Got this hat and started to immediately break it in. It feels great, my forehead doesnt turn into the a salt water reservoir when I wear it. Comfy lightweight and good build. Added bonus? My students started asking about it, told them about the company and used it as a way to encourage continuing education and always having a first aid kit on them. Thank you.

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