Pouch (Black) for Pocket D.A.R.K. Mini


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Compact and easy to carry.

I ordered this alongside the Pocket Dark Mini and the pouch keeps the vacuum sealed pack protected from constantly rubbing when I have it in my cargo pocket. It's small enough to be barely noticeable and even if I was using it for something else I could probably fit the necessities inside. Velcro opening for quick access and even has tabs on both sides to quickly rip it open. It's pretty basic, but material and craftsmanship is pretty spot on, it's not falling apart anytime soon. I only have one complaint that the Velcro is harsh on the fingers when reaching in for me personally, but when a life is on the line, it's not really a big deal.


Pocket EDC Med Kit Pouch

I purchased this pouch to carry my own put together EDC med kit. Over all the pouch is well made and fits in a back pocket or cargo pocket. My only issue with the pouch is I wish it was about another inch wider so that I could turn the H&H compression bandage on its side and then the Quikclot Combat Gauze LE just above it so it would lay flatter and have less bulk. With a little bit of folding I am able to carry the H&H, Combat Gauze, Hyfin Compact chest seal and a set of gloves.