SWAT-T Tourniquet


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Great all around tourniquet

I was skeptical of this tourniquet at first until learning to use one during the Dark Angel DART class. It works very well for a tourniquet and as a supplemental pressure bandage. I picked up three (two to carry and one for training) since I have children.



Bought for everyday carry since it'll fit nicely in a jeans pocket. Also liked that when wrapped tight it's a tourniquet, but when wrapped loosely it's a pressure bandage, a way to hold a splint, or a way to support a weak joint. I've never seen a new one before, they were always well used for practice, so I never realized the diamonds/squares turning into circles means you have enough pressure to work as a tourniquet. Really helps gauge application for its various uses in the heat of the moment. Excellent product, and at less cost than a full priced McDonald's meal, excellent value.