Dark Angel Medical

Vehicular Individual Safety Rig (VISR)


Add Another Tourniquet
Add A SOFFT-W Tourniquet
Add A SWAT-T Tourniquet
Substitute Halo "Vent" Seal for $5
Add Decompression Needle for $10

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Great Fit

I have it on the passenger side visor. Solid fit up with the hook and loop straps. Easily obtainable from the driver or passenger side. No need to fumble around to look for it in an emergency. Great addition to my truck. Hope I never have to use it but glad its there if I do.


Good stuff

I realize that it would be a great idea to have a trauma kit available in my car - and now I have just that! Not my first Dark Angel Medical product, and it was the quality that brought me back for more.