Dark Angel Medical

Vehicular Individual Safety Rig (VISR)


Add Another Tourniquet
Add A SOFFT-W Tourniquet
Add A SWAT-T Tourniquet
Substitute Halo "Vent" Seal for $5
Add Decompression Needle for $10

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I was looking for something to fit on the visor in my 2017 ford utiliti police interceptor it fits perfectly. It’s light enough to where it doesn’t bounce around when your driving on the free way or running code but has enough contents to help you be prepared for anything.


Piece of mind/conversation piece

The skirt is very well executed, and certainly gets attention from passengers in my vehicle. All the components are high-quality as would be expected, however the most impressive part is the amount of questions and interest I get from other people who see this kit and ask about why I have it, where to get one, and what training to get. Highly recommended