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Burn Kit

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If you can't stand the heat...put a BURN kit in your kitchen!
Did you know that the overwhelming majority of burns occur at home? Most are due to cooking, and most happen to women and children. Accidents are in second place, followed by faulty wiring, both in residents and the workplace.
There is a ton of misinformation on how to treat burn injuries, much of which can do more harm than good! Burns essentially heat the epidermis (skin) much like a frypan cooks a steak. Therefore, the advice to "put a little butter on it" is no better than sauteeing a ribeye! Our kit contains Waterjel dressing, which immediately takes the heat out of the burninstead. It also includes gauze pads for more serious burns, and a Mylar blanket to treat for shock for the most dangerous and extensive of emergencies. Best of all, our training classes cover burn-related injuries- see our Training Calendar for a class near you!


Burn Kit Contents: 

2 x 2x6 Waterjel Burn Dressing  

2 x 4x4 Waterjel Burn Dressing  

1 x 4x16 Waterjel Burn Dressing  

1 x Liquid Waterjel Burn Dressing  

5 x Mini Waterjel Single Dose   

1 x 8x18 Waterjel Burn Dressing 

1 x 12x16 Waterjel Facial Burn Dressing 

1 x 8x20 Waterjel Hand Burn Dressing  

2 x 3” Sterile Gauze Roll 

2 x 4” Sterile Gauze Roll 

2 x 5x9 ABD pad 

1 x Tape 

10 x 4x4 Gauze Pad 

10 x 2x2 Gauze Pad 

1 x Trauma Shears 

2 x Mylar Blanket 

1 x Condition 1 Blaze Orange Case 


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