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D.A.R.K. Lite Trauma Kit

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Great kit but some questions

I received this kit rapidly and in great shape. Unlike a kit I received from another vendor which was lacking parts and had expired components, this kit came with all expected parts and with non expired components. I was quite pleased all in all. The thing that surprised me was the cover. It is an almost plastic feeling material that is quite stiff yet feels as if it is flimsy and might tear. I know that the kit isn't expected to be opened and re closed frequently but it still feels as if it might tear off. Saying that, I nothing but good things about this kit.


Very good basic kit

I received this kit via USPS today. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the case and contents. I'm going to put 2 SOF-T Wide TQ on the kit and I added an NPA and decompression needle and this will become part of my every day carry. I'm going to add a couple more pair of gloves and that should get me set. I'm not sure the date of expiration for the Quick Clot but I'm sure it has a pretty good remaining useful life. I'll buy from Dark Angel again.