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D.A.R.K. "Shingle" Trauma Kit Insert

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D.A.R.K. "Shingle" Trauma Kit - Insert Only

Insert components:

  • 1 x Combat Gauze LE, MIL or ChitoGauze XR Pro
  • 1 x Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 x Nasopharyngeal airway
  • 1 x Mini Compression Bandage
  • 1 x HALO Chest Seals (HALO Vent Seals are optional)
  • 1 x Mylar Blanket
  • 1 x Compressed Gauze

ARS Decompression Needle optional on Civ/LE and ChitoGauze XR Pro Kits.

MIL KITS: Come with all of the above plus ARS Decompression Needle and TCCC Casualty Documentation Tool

Dimensions: 10.75” W x 7.25” H x 0.5” D Weight: 13.2 oz.