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Direct Action Response Training DART 2 - Chase, MI -1-2 October, 2023

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***NOTE: This training session will be taught in partnership with MDFI. Please see more details on their website and register there as well. We look forward to seeing everyone in class!***


Sun/Mon 10/1-2, 2023 

TIME: 0830-1730 DAILY




NWTF is located between Reed City and Baldwin, MI.
Exact facility address will be on your email receipt once you register.





DART 2 is a 2-day course designed to refresh and increase your knowledge of injuries and treatments. The course will engage skills and knowledge earned in the initial DART course in a realistic training environment. DART 2 will add additional medical/ trauma procedures to your toolbox. Stress will be gradually introduced to scenarios, including moulage (simulated injuries), visuals/sounds and role-players to better prepare you for when emergency strikes. Students will be loaned a training DARK kit to better familiarize themselves with use and equipment throughout the weekend.



  • Previous Civilian/LE/MIL Medical or Trauma Training
  • REQUIRED: D.A.R.T. 1


  • 6 Sets of thrift store quality clothes (willing to be “bled on”/cut up/ ruined)
  • Note taking materials
  • Clean set of clothes to leave the training area in at end of day
  • ALL STUDENTS will need to wear compression/ form fitting undergarments. Female students will need to wear sports bra or similar.
  • ***Students may bring work equipment such as plate carriers/ helmets to train for daily duties, but may be asked to remove them for certain scenarios. Any equipment brought runs the risk of being permanently stained/ potentially damaged and participants will hold harmless any instructor, affiliate, host or anyone otherwise associated with Dark Angel Medical, LLC from any liability. It is recommended to bring of a training version of these items***
  • ***Disclaimer: Training will include the cutting/ removal of clothing with fellow students and role players, undergarments will not be removed. See above required item list for ensuring that private areas are kept private.***


This facility requires that all students, attendees, campers and cadre fill out a waiver and have it signed in the presence of a notary to be brought to class. Once you turn in your notarized waiver, you will receive a personalized student card and you will never need to submit a waiver for this facility again. The waiver can be found here and also in your email receipt once you register.