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Emergency Bleeding Control Kit: Compact

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The average person can bleed out within less than 5 minutes but it takes an average of 7 minutes for first responders to arrive. Our Emergency Bleeding Control Kits are designed to stop and control the bleeding until first responders arrive on the scene. 


Ideal for:

  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Every Day Carry
  • Vehicles or Homes
  • Public Access Areas



  • Vacuumed Sealed Packaging to keep contents protected
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Easy to open
  • Made in the USA
  • Kit for Life Guarantee



  • 1 SWAT-T (Tourniquet)
  • 1 QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing
  • 1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 3' of Duct Tape


Dimensions: 4" H x 2.5" W x 1" D

Weight: 4.8 oz

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