Micro E.D.C.

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Introducing the NEW Micro EDC! What good is a med kit if you don't have it on your person. We designed this compact kit with that in mind. Notice there is no tourniquet. We absolutely recommend that you carry a CAT or SOFTT along with it. Moreover, for all of you who already carry tourniquets, this is a great option to throw in a cargo or jacket pocket to be more prepared. Remember, tourniquets are only for limbs, besides the neck. You still need tools to pack junctions and seal the box. It is packaged in a red 500d nylon pouch. 




1 x QuikClot 572 4 foot roll 

1 x Hyfin Compact Vented Chest Seal 

1 x Mini Compression Bandage 

1 x pair of nitrile gloves


Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" x 1" (just a bit larger than a standard wallet!)

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Add tourniquet
Add TQ Pouch (only fits CAT)

1 Review

Rich Mar 15th 2021

Small enough to carry everywhere.

This kit is great. The pouch is a bit larger than the dimensions advertised in the product description, but the contents can be made to fit into a bundle of approximately that size. I packed the items into the pouch, and still had room for a TK-4 (not included in the kit) and a couple other very small items. Even with my extras, it is still small enough for back pocket carry. It would be even easier to carry in a cargo pocket, jacket pocket, or similar.

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