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Pocket D.A.R.K. Jr. Trauma Kit


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Pocket D.A.R.K. JR

Perfect little life saving kit that can fit in your pocket...... I have never personally needed a trauma kit outside of my time as a fire fighter, but its good to have a basic life saving kit on you. Typically I carry one in my bag, but when my bag spends more time in my truck or in the office, I do not have quick access. The Pocket D.A.R.K. JR fixes that issue. Go get trained and pick one up.


A Versatile, True EDC Trauma Kit

The Pocket D.A.R.K. Jr. is a comprehensive kit in a very easy to carry size that makes it more likely to render it an actual everyday carry item. I'm not one for ankle carry (of anything) and this kit fits easily in a jacket pocket, cargo pocket, backpack, car, or my wife's purse in a pinch. You can also belt or kit wear it in basically any utility pouch if you choose to. There are some "EDC" kits out there that would even be bulky on a tactical vest. This one is streamlined and comprised of what you need to "get off the X" to advanced trauma care. One drawback, I'm more familiar with the SOF-T type of tourniquet and had to do some video research of the SWAT-T, but altogether a great little kit at a good price. Mike Agile Fox Defense