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Soft -TT-W

Luckily I have not yet had to use this. I purchased two of these as I am building "worst case" type medical kits. I hunt and fish, am around firearms quite a bit and axes, knives and other stuff around camp fires and have kids that are accidents looking to happen. But, I did purchase this vice the CAT as it was recommended by first response folks I've talked with and a friend recently arrived from Afghanistan and other war fighting scenarios. I like the width and quality of the product as I anticipate if utilized it will be simpler to use. I have practiced with it and it fulfills all the claims I've read about it. And obviously, delivery and support has been very positive. Five stars all around! Best Regards, Fil


Great Tourniquet

I find this tourniquet great for applying to the leg or on another person, as the quick-release buckle makes that very easy to do. Overall i like it better than the CAT, but both are excellent options!