Tourniquet Holder - Black


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Great price for an awesome peice of equipement

For the price this is an amazing and well designed piece of equipment that you need for your belt. You can use it EDC, on your active shooter kit, or on a backpack. Perfect design and easy access from any angle. Holds the tourniquet just right, I would highly recommend this product for sure!


Wonderful Addition for EDC/Plain Clothes Duty Use

I've been wearing this product for about 3 weeks with a SOFTT-W on the back and it has worked well. Although it did take some getting used to and some trial and error. I found that wearing it with the tourniquet tucked in all the way did make it a pain to conceal, was uncomfortable while sitting down, and especially while in a vehicle. The solution I found that worked for me was to fold the tourniquet along the full length of the holder which created the problem of the bungees being too loose. That problem was solved by untying the bungees and retying them tighter. Now it works great and I'll always have my tourniquet at hand should I need it.