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Wound Cube Bundle

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The Wound Cube is a wound simulator which has four realistic wound patterns designed into a semi-transparent silicone cube with a realistic feel. The Wound Cube is a dry training device so that you can master the basics of stopping the bleed without the mess.

Four realistic wound patterns designed into a semi-transparent cube

The Wound Cube was designed to increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control. Our design allows for more effective training in any classroom setting.



  • Dry training device - master the basics (no mess)
  • Semi-transparent
  • 3x Gunshot Wounds - Narrow, Small, Large
  • 1x Large Laceration
  • Realistic Tissue Loss
  • Realistic Tissue Density
  • Compact Design (No wasted space)
  • Durably built
  • Affordable
  • Narrow Wound doubles as a Flashlight Channel for increased transparency
  • Blood simulant can be used with this product for added realism



  • 1 Wound Cube
  • 1 oz Clear Blood Simulant
  • 10 cc Syringe
  • 1 Roll of Training Combat Gauze



Material: Non-Toxic Silicone

Size: 4 x 4 x 4

Wt: 2.5 lbs

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1 Review

ET Jun 15th 2019

Excellent Training Aid

The wound cube provides the opportunity for realistic practical application of skills learned in initial and follow on TACMED training. It's easy to maintain and clean up is simple.

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