Save #68

Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario where someone is greviously injured. Most everyone knows what to do, though- call 911. Some- especially readers of this page- might even know what to do in the meantime, like CPR to start the breathing, or keeping pressure on a wound to stop the bleeding. Even those of us with more experience might breathe a sigh of relief seeing the red-and-blue flashing lights of an ambulance coming to take over. But what if the ambulance isn't adequately-stocked to handle the magnitude of the emergency?

Unbelievably, just this scenario unfolded a couple of days ago. A domestic dispute erupted into gunfire. Not only was a young woman injured, but her seven year-old daughter was hit with several stray bullets. One narrowly missed her spinal cord but collapsed her lung and broke several ribs; the other hit her right femur. The ambulance arrived in a timely fashion, yet lacked all of the necessary supplies to treat both patients. Fortunately, the EMT on board had his own private medkit on his belt...a D.A.R.K.

Trauma and severe bleeding is the leading cause of death in our country in persons aged 1-44. Severe blood loss can kill you in under five minutes- faster than most first responders can come to your aid. We may not have an entire ambulance's worth in one of our kits, but we do have everything you need- and nothing you don't. Hope for the best, plan for the worst- and carry your D.A.R.K.