No matter how ready you think you are, the infamous “Murphy” of “Murphy’s Law”, is always lurking around the corner to check things out and test your theory.

Bad things happen. Sometimes bad things happen to us and sometimes bad things happen to others. Destiny. Karma. Fate. Whatever you choose to call it, it still sucks. What will make it suck even worse is if you’re not prepared.

Let’s take a look at “EDC” or “Every Day Carry” items. We see a metric crap-ton of pics with guys who are doing their “Pocket Dumps” to show off their latest Ninja Force 5, Super Double Top Secret, Pocket-Sized Soul Stealer or some sharp, stabby stuff, a cool wallet, a Celtic Shield, no doubt, and maybe their phone, sweet beard comb/wax combo, extra mag for aforementioned Soul Stealer and a flashlight. Whew….that’s a lot of stuff and, sure, it may get you out a bad situation where the talking part is done BUT…what are we missing there? Well, they have all the requisite “cool guy” gear but where’s their med kit? They’re too big to carry, some say. Well, “some” are dead wrong. There are plenty of small med kits out there designed to keep the blood in the body and you won’t spend a fortune getting one. Chances are, it’ll be less money than your spare mag and the ammo that goes inside it.


Whether you buy one of our EDC kits like the Pocket D.A.R.K., the Pocket D.A.R.K. “Mini” or the D.A.R.K. “Lite”, you roll your own or buy someone else’s, for the love of all that’s good and right, get one, learn how to use it and carry it because you’re far more likely to use your med kit than you ever will your firearm.


Or, you can do the “Bad Luck Boogie” with Mr. Murphy because he’s always looking for an unwilling dance partner.

Life is all about choices. Make the right ones.

Think about it.


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