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2016: New Products!!

Posted by Pocket Doc on Jan 26th 2016

SHOT Show 2016 was huge for us. Outside of meeting with all of the awesome people and companies, we also announced just some of our upcoming products. We are extremely about what we have coming out this year, and below is a video of just a taste of what’s to come! All of our products and release da …

Will You Be Ready

Posted by Pocket Doc on Nov 16th 2015

As we reflect on the tragic events of this past week in Paris, it really drives home the need for obtaining solid medical training and being diligent about carrying some sort of medical kit on your person every, single day. Whether it’s one of our kits, someone else’s (there a lot of really solid ki …

It's OK to Be Selfish

Posted by Pocket Doc on Jul 21st 2015

When I was a little kid growing up in rural southern Mississippi, my mom was always telling my brothers and I to always think of others and not to be selfish. That was ingrained in all of us and it seemed to have worked because all of us went into the health professional realm so that we can care fo …