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Save 90

Save 90

Jul 10th 2018

On June 26, 2018 at 0000; Dispatch received a 911 call at the local Sheriff’s Office regarding a self inflicted gunshot wound. The caller was unsure of their location, but Dispatch was able to use GPS and determine the location of the caller. Upon arrival, the Responder retrieved his trauma kit from …
Treating Burns

Treating Burns

Posted by Kerry Davis on Jul 3rd 2018

You're helping out as security personnel for your town’s 4th of July fireworks show to ensure people don’t get too close to the mortars being used. As the show is going on, one of the mortars flares up and you see one of the pyro technicians throw his arms up to protect his face and run …

You Be The Judge

Posted by Kerry on Jun 6th 2018

You Be The Judge “….but, medical training isn’t cool…” This is something we’ve heard many times. However, recent events have shown us the importance of being proactive rather than being reactive. They’ve also shown us the extreme dangers which complacency and lack of situational awareness ca …