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A Quick Tourniquet Guide

A Quick Tourniquet Guide

Posted by Pocket Doc on Aug 26th 2016

A quick and simple guide on how to apply a Tourniquet by Kerry "PocketDoc" Davis

Save #56

Aug 23rd 2016

Within less than a week, we've had confirmed 3 saves. As of today, we just hit save #56. Here's what happened:While at a range, one of our former students, was on his way out for the day when someone grabbed him saying that someone had been shot. He grabbed his kit, rushed over to the scene to find …


Aug 22nd 2016

Incase you missed it, here are some of the discounts that we currently offer:MilitaryCoupon Code: MIL10Save 10% on all products and training.In the order notes, we will need your Rank, Service, ETS Date, and the base that you're stationed at.Law EnforcementCoupon Code: LE10Save 10% on all products a …