Save #56

Within less than a week, we've had confirmed 3 saves. As of today, we just hit save #56.

Here's what happened:

While at a range, one of our former students, was on his way out for the day when someone grabbed him saying that someone had been shot. He grabbed his kit, rushed over to the scene to find that the accident victim was shot in the leg with an entrance wound on the upper thigh and an exit wound, with an apparent arterial bleed, on the lower leg. He quickly jumped into action and applied a tourniquet to the injured leg.

When the first responders arrived at the scene, approximately 10 minutes later, they said that the only reason that the victim was still alive was due to the training that our former student received and the quick, decisive action that he took. During that 10 minute period, if he hadn't taken action, the accident victim might not have made it.

At this range, per our former student, no one carries any kind of med kit. The range itself is only equipped with a simple first aid kit. Thankfully, our student had the training needed to save the man's life. This is a prime example on why we always tell people to carry a med kit to the range. Don't be the #missinglink. Be prepared. Carry a med kit.