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Combat Gauze - why a hemostatic agent?

Combat Gauze - why a hemostatic agent?

Posted by Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis on Aug 23rd 2019

Why should ya keep a hemostatic agent like combat gauze in your med kit and why should it be in gauze form anyway?Too easy. That's 'cuz it'll stop bleeding better than dirty socks from your gym bag. Combat GauzeSeriously, because it's going to to stop bleeding far more effectively than a nea …
Getting Rid of Ghosts

Getting Rid of Ghosts

Posted by Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis on Jun 19th 2019

I recently had the pleasure of receiving an email from a former student who had used the training he had learned in our classes to aid two motorcycle accident victims. He said that he felt much more confident in what he was doing and, while not perfect, he knew he was helping them to the best of …

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