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First Aid Kit or Trauma Kit?

Posted by Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis on Oct 29th 2018

Is it a first aid or a trauma kit? OR… it both? The correct answer is that it should be either one or the other and that you should know, both, the differences AND the limitations of each. A first aid kit isn’t a trauma kit, though it can have some traumatic care items in it, and a …
Save 98

Save 98

Oct 3rd 2018

While every save we hear about is an absolute milestone, we are just one save closer to 100 saves using our products, our training or both. Just this past weekend, one of our industry partners was conducting a firearms class on a range when a lone individual approached the range bay suf …

Need VS Want

Posted by Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis on Sep 27th 2018

“I don’t need that right now.” Those are words that are spoken regularly by many people around the world every day. What does it refer to? Well, pretty much anything they feel is non-essential. However, it’s also about prioritization. We tend to prioritize one thing over another. Sometime …