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Save 98

Save 98

Oct 3rd 2018

While every save we hear about is an absolute milestone, we are just one save closer to 100 saves using our products, our training or both. Just this past weekend, one of our industry partners was conducting a firearms class on a range when a lone individual approached the range bay suffering from a gunshot wound to the hand.

The person had walked over 100 yards from another range bay in the complex and was pale, clammy and very weak. They had a completely blood-soaked towel wrapped around their left hand and there was a noticeable blood trail following the path they traveled.

A cease-fire was called on the line and the medical plan was put into effect without a problem. Emergency services was called and an ambulance was dispatched. In the meantime, one of the responders was rendering aid to the victim and the bleeding was successfully stopped. A tourniquet was not placed (but was staged) due to the fact that the bleeding had slowed and the responder was able to gain hemostasis (blood stoppage) via the use of a hemostatic gauze and a pressure bandage.The individual suffered a rather large exit wound on the back of their left hand with a large amount of bony and soft tissue missing.

Takeaways from this incident: Have a plan. If you are engaged in any activity in which you can become injured, medical training and medical equipment should be part of your standard load-out. Thankfully, our industry partner had both and was able to render fast, effective care to the victim, who is now recovering. If the victim had lost consciousness in the bay in which the incident occurred, the outcome could’ve been much, much worse.

Don’t let tragedy be the reason you get medical training or a med kit. Get trained and equipped BEFORE something happens because everyday life happens to everyday people every, single day. Be prepared and be a “by-doer” and not a bystander.