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Host a Class

Host a Class

Jul 23rd 2018

There are a lot of benefits to hosting one of our classes outside of just selling your free slot. While you’re hosting a class, new, different, and other potential customers are visiting your location that might have never heard of you before. This makes for a great opportunity to pitch to these potential customers. Some quick and simple ideas would be to pass out coupons to get those customers to return, talk with the customers and make them fill welcome, show off your location and your services, and much more. The list is nearly endless.

Here are just 7 of the benefits of hosing one of our classes:

  1. By hosting a DART Class, you attract customers outside of your normal reach. People who remain untempted by your conventional marketing attempts often find the allure of special events irresistible. Then again, they might just be unaware of your store, of their interest in your products or of how far they'd drive to get good service. Whatever their reason for not coming previously, however, you can persuade them to become regular customers.
  2. The day of the DART Class will likely result in an increase in sales. First, people come to your store when they otherwise wouldn't. Second, people act less guarded at an event, so they usually buy products impulsively.
  3. You can exploit your unique skill set at an in-store event. Who's more excited and knowledgeable about your business than you? Now you can make that knowledge work, using the extra time you have with your customers to interact meaningfully with them.
  4. Free press and social media. Nowadays, social media is everywhere. People can barely eat a salad without taking a picture of it first. As customers share their experience at your location, your business and its location get blasted across the internet.
  5. Hosting DART Classes promotes your name and helps people connect with your brand. With active shooters and other tragic events constantly being in the news, Stop the Bleed and other live saving campaigns are huge right now. With the government making a push and increasing the awareness on the importance of these classes, you have the ability to reach a wide variety of potential customers.
  6. Free DART Slot. As a host, you can either use this slot for yourself, give it away, sell it for additional revenue, or get creative and host a giveaway.
  7. Dark Angel Medical is one of the leading brands within the industry when it comes to medical training and trauma kits, and hosting a DART Class makes for great publicity for your business. As more and more online businesses launch, it’s hard to separate ourselves from those small brands. A great way to do that is by hosting one of our classes. By hosting one of our classes, you’re showing that you’re serious and that you care about helping people, not just selling guns. Guns and med kits go together!

Those 7 benefits are great for your business, but the bigger and more important picture here, is that you’re helping to save lives. In just 6 years, we have already had over 80 confirmed saves thanks to our training and our med kits. With your help, we can continue to save more lives and help raise the awareness on the importance of stopping the bleed.