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When You're at Your Worst

When You're at Your Worst

Posted by Mike "Doc" Rohan on Mar 30th 2017

Have you ever had your mind turned to mush from a long day of working in the hot sun too long, the cold, or the rain? During these times we can’t think of doing much more than kicking our feet up and relaxing, cracking open a cold beer, bottle of wine, some whiskey, or a tall glass of iced tea. Today I feel like that. I don’t want to do much beyond getting home and napping on the couch with my 100 pound puppy, Whiskey. It’s days like today that I think of why our motto, “Simplicity Under Stress” is so important, and it seems as though Murphy and his law will inevitably recognize that I’m spent, my mind is taxed and wandering, that I’ll witness a car accident, a negligent discharge at a gun range, or some other mishap when I least expect it. 

The time chooses you and it’s up to you to be prepared even when you don’t want to be, to have your skills honed and ready for that potential incident. Practice and training is the only preparation you’ll have for when Murphy strikes and it will strike when you’re at your worst. I often think of those long range days in anything but optimal weather, or my buddies on deployments to the sandbox, that I understand why we train. We prepare to render aid to others in their worst moments. To do so automatically, and to step up when the time comes. I’m tired today, but I know that if the time chooses me, that I’ll be ready. I have my equipment prepared, I’ve practiced, and I know what to do. Simplicity Under Stress. Stress to me doesn’t just mean the situation at hand, but that moment when you’re exhausted, when you have to tap deep into your reserves to do what needs to be done; stop the bleeding, start the breathing. Do that and you’ll potentially save a life.

I challenge you to practice in these times of fatigue, when all you want to do is rest. Train with your equipment, run through scenarios with a friend and see what fails, what you need to practice more, and what knowledge you need to learn to better prepare yourself. Murphy is watching and he’s waiting for that lapse in your skills and your decreased ability to think. Vita Vel Nex, Life or Death. It’s up to you to be ready.

Side Note: I kid you not, as I type this a donkey on the loose is staring into my window. I’m currently running donkey related scenarios through my head now. Car accidents, kicks and bites. Thanks Murphy!