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Your Kit for Life

Your Kit for Life

Feb 12th 2017

Here at Dark Angel Medical, when you purchase a kit, you're purchasing a kit for life.

If you ever have to use one of our kits to save a life, let us know, and we will replace any components used. For free!

Send us some sort of official documentation to the fact and we will gladly replace anything you've used free of charge! We’ll even cover the shipping!

Not only are our kits the last kit you'll ever have to buy, but we offer kits for everyone and for every situation. We have kits designed for everyone from children, all the way to the military deployment environments. 

****We do not cover, nor or we responsible for, replacement of any of the components of the kit if they are damaged in either normal course of wear/use or from misuse, abuse or modification.

Official documentation required: Documentation must be related to saving the person's life.  Any sort of documentation that's not official or related to saving a person's life will not be accepted.

Proof of purchase is required.****