Dark Angel Medical

D.A.R.K. Trauma Kit

Civilian / LE

Substitute SOFTT-W
Substitute Halo "Vent" Seal for $5
Rip Shears Upgrade
Add Decompression Needle for $10 (Included in MIL)
Add Dark Angel Medical Identifier PVC Patch
Substitute Pouch Insert

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Great Kit

The DARK Trauma Kit is a very well put together kit. I purchased the Civilian Plus edition with the PI. My only complaint is the PI can be difficult to pack back into the kit once it’s pulled out. It takes a little getting used to how to pack it so it doesn’t stick out of the top. Even though it takes a little extra to put in it is very easy to pull out which is the important part. It’s also nice to have the components in the PI as individual components can easily be used and replaced without having to open a sealed package. Considering picking up the VISR next to have in the car.


DARK Trauma Kit Mil Vent

The perfect kit for the range with top quality supplies