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It’s better to be between a rock and our HARD Case than a rock and a hard place, because our HARD Case has the right stuff to help get you out of that hard place in the event of an injury. You can treat minor "boo-boo's" up to major life-threatening hemorrhage and everything comes packed into a tough, high visibility red, durable, airtight, watertight case that floats. The updated, more rugged HARD Case comes with all the components listed below.



HARD Case Components:

1 x Trauma Shears
1 x CPR key 
1 x Eye Shield 
4 x Combine ABD PAD  
5 x 4x4 Gauze Sponges 
5 x 2x2 Gauze Sponges  
5 x 2x4.5 Bandages    
5 x Wings 
5 x Knuckles 
5 x fingertips 
10 x .75x3 bandages
10 x 1x3 bandages 
5 x medium butterfly 
5 x large butterfly 
10 x Alchohol pads  
10 Antiseptic wipes   
10 x soothe a stings wipes  
6 x sunscreen packs 
1 x glucose   
1 x afterbite   
5 x APAP 
5 x Cedaprin 
5 x Aspirin 
1 x 4x16 burn gel 
6 x mini burn gel 
2 x triangular bandage 
2 x mylar blankets
4 x 3” Rolled Gauze 
1 x sam splint
2 x ace wrap 
2 x surgical tape 
1 x CASE


HARD Case Trauma Module Components:

1 x  Hyfin Compact Vent  Chest Seal                 

1 x  Compressed Gauze            

1 x Gen 7 CAT        

1 x QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing   

1 x 4” NAR Mini Responder ETD

1 x pair, nitrile gloves 


Outer dimensions: 10" H x 12" W x 6" D

Weight: 6 lbs

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3 Reviews

Charlie Clune Feb 11th 2021

Hard Case

My Second purchase of this Item.. I really like that the Hard Case contains a Trauma Module AND a very well equipped First Aid Kit. I stopped to assist at a roadside accident and my Hard Case was in my other vehicle! :-( Fortunately the deployed Air Bags prevented serious injuries. to the front seat occupants. I was able to comfort a young woman and calm her mom as I was doing a quick evaluation while we waited for the EMT Van. My 'lesson learned'... Don't rely on putting a kit back and forth between vehicles. Be Ready! This will not happen again!

Erik Nov 26th 2020

The Hardcase

Another great product, my best description, a first aid kit with an emergency trauma pack. All of the products are again top notch, all in solid packaging. Besides the trauma pack there is a large assortment of basic first aid supplies. The case is a great addition and provides ample room to add any supplies you want to add. To Dark Angle...... Great kit, great service,. Thank you again

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