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It’s better to be between a rock and our HARD Case than a rock and a hard place, because our HARD Case has the right stuff to help get you out of that hard place in the event of an injury. You can treat minor "boo-boo's" up to major life-threatening hemorrhage and everything comes packed into a tough, high visibility red, durable, airtight, watertight case that floats. The updated, more rugged HARD Case comes with all the components listed below.



HARD Case Components:

1 x Trauma Shears
1 x CPR key 
1 x Eye Shield 
4 x Combine ABD PAD  
5 x 4x4 Gauze Sponges 
5 x 2x2 Gauze Sponges  
5 x 2x4.5 Bandages    
5 x Wings 
5 x Knuckles 
5 x fingertips 
10 x .75x3 bandages
10 x 1x3 bandages 
5 x medium butterfly 
5 x large butterfly 
10 x Alchohol pads  
10 Antiseptic wipes   
10 x soothe a stings wipes  
6 x sunscreen packs 
1 x glucose   
1 x afterbite   
5 x APAP 
5 x Cedaprin 
5 x Aspirin 
1 x 4x16 burn gel 
6 x mini burn gel 
2 x triangular bandage 
2 x mylar blankets
4 x 3” Rolled Gauze 
1 x sam splint
2 x ace wrap 
2 x surgical tape 
1 x CASE


HARD Case Trauma Module Components:

1 x  Hyfin Compact Vent  Chest Seal                 

1 x  Compressed Gauze            

1 x Gen 7 CAT        

1 x QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing   

1 x 4” NAR Mini Responder ETD

1 x pair, nitrile gloves 


Outer dimensions: 10" H x 12" W x 6" D

Weight: 6 lbs

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4 Reviews

Ryan Jun 1st 2021

Great Emergency Kit

Kids are getting older, camping and excursions are getting further and further into the woods. I felt like I need to improve my first aid and emergency preparedness. Like this first class kit and will be able to add as needed. Also appreciate the availability of online tutorials, which I’ll be leveraging. Priceless investment.

Charlie Clune Feb 11th 2021

Hard Case

My Second purchase of this Item.. I really like that the Hard Case contains a Trauma Module AND a very well equipped First Aid Kit. I stopped to assist at a roadside accident and my Hard Case was in my other vehicle! :-( Fortunately the deployed Air Bags prevented serious injuries. to the front seat occupants. I was able to comfort a young woman and calm her mom as I was doing a quick evaluation while we waited for the EMT Van. My 'lesson learned'... Don't rely on putting a kit back and forth between vehicles. Be Ready! This will not happen again!

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