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Tac Med Tip Cards

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Ten Tac-Med Tip Cards (5 pack)

Our Dark Angel Medical Ten Tac-Med Tip cards are a great addition to any kit or as an every day carry item. Our Tac-Med Tip cards are an easy quick reference card designed to help you act decisively in a life threatening situation. Don't be a bystander, be a "by-doer"! 

These Cards come in a pack of 5

Size: 4in x 2.5in
Print: Digitally printed in Black/Desert Tan on 2 sides
Stock: 14pt thick W.A.R. (Wear and Atmosphere Resistant) synthetic paper
Finishing: 1/4” rounded corners. 
Cards are 100% water-proof and highly tear resistant. 
Mud, blood and other contaminants can be easily cleaned from surface with damp cloth. 




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1 Review

R Bagesse Sep 20th 2018

Ten Tac-Med Tip Card

I attended one of Dark Angel’s training classes and think it was one of the best learning experiences since my retirement from the military. While the training was excellent, I’m not a medical professional and haven’t faced a real trauma situation. I’ve included a card in each of my kits as a reference to make sure I don’t forget something under pressure.

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