Vehicular Individual Safety Rig (VISR)

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Add Another Tourniquet
Add A SOFFT-W Tourniquet
Add A SWAT-T Tourniquet
Substitute Halo "Vent" Seal for $5
Add Decompression Needle for $10

Vehicular Individual Safety Rig (VISR)

The VISR gives you a low-profile, comprehensive trauma kit that’s ready to go with a pull of the red grab handle. One panel securely attaches to your automobile’s visor with adjustable hook and loop straps while the kit attaches to the panel via hook and loop. The full kit contains:

1 x Hemostatic Gauze (QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing, Combat Gauze LE or MIL, ChitoGauze)

1 x Nitrile Gloves

1 x H&H Mini Compression Bandage

1 x HALO Seals

1 x Compressed Gauze

1 x Eye Shield, Polycarbonate

1 x NPA

1 x Mylar Blanket

1 x CAT or SOFTT-W TQ with room for 2 more tourniquets

1 x Mini-Trauma Shears


*Visor Panel comes in Black, Coyote Tan or Wolf Grey

*Can be upgraded to ARS, HALO Vent or combo of both like our standard DARK kits.

*Inserts sold separately starting at $104.99/unit

*Visor panel also sold separately for $74.99


Complete Kit Weight: 3 lb

Complete Kit Dimensions: 6.5” Tall x 11.5” Wide x 1.5” Thick


VISR Panel Weight: 1 lb

VISR Panel Dimensions: 6.5” Tall x 11.5” Wide x 0.75” Thick


2 Reviews

Aug 16th 2017

VISR med kit

Great kit. Holds tight to the visor of the car. I put it on the passenger side of my cruiser. It's one purchase I hope to waste my money on because I never have to use it.

Jul 19th 2017

Pretty solid product

This is the first product I've purchased from Dark Angel. I have to say, it lives up to my expectations. It's a fairly comprehensive kit, and though I hope I never have to use it, if I do, it's right there on my passenger side visor, as it's slightly too thick to go over my driver side, especially since I drive a car. All in all, pretty impressed with the product.

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