Dark Angel Medical

Headrest Emergency Deployment Rig (HEDR) Trauma Kit


Add Another Gen 7 CAT Tourniquet
Add A SOFFT-W Tourniquet
Add A SWAT-T Tourniquet
Substitute Halo "Vent" Seal for $5
Add Decompression Needle for $10
Substitute SOFTT-W

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HEDR is a Hit

HEDR is an outstanding trauma kit for your car that contains what you might need for a serious accident. I added a second tourniquet, decompression needle. The kit is pretty full as it comes, so not a lot of room for add ons. I put a headlamp in the elastic front pouch, hung a roll of surgical tape by the sheers, and added separate sets of gloves as the first thing i see when it opens. Im gonna add a surgical mask when i can get one. I think the front elastic pouch could be better as an enclosed compartment with a zipper. Overall i wish it were about 20% to 33% bigger with some room to add things like more alcohol prep pads, water based lube gel for the NPA, antiseptic pads, peroxide, saline wash, another eye shield, etc. While the kit is designed just to bridge the first 20 minutes until EMT arrives, situations could take longer. Of course you could always attach an auxiliary pouch for this. Overall this is a great kit that is more modern than the one i built myself for the same purpose. Highly recommend.


Perfect Add

This kit is the perfect add to my truck. I have a larger kit with extra items as well - but this is perfect for what it is designed for - RAPID, FIRST RESPONSE. If I need more than the kit carries, I have it, but the First Response is key. I wouldn't trade it for anything.