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IFAK Pouches

I took Dark Angel's two-day training course a few years ago and now own three slightly different versions of belt- or pack-mountable IFAK pouches, plus several different smaller pouches for easy pocket carry or suitcase carry. To echo other user feedback, having an easier belt mounting option for the IFAK pouch would be great. When wearing a pistol holster, multiple magazine pouches, and possibly, a dump pouch, and/or a flashlight holster, a clip-type (but still secure) attachment point or easier-to-insert and easier to remove strap attachment would be a real plus. My IFAK pouch from 2017 has snap straps that are much easier to use on a belt than the current webbing / MOLLE. I am a fan of Dark Angel gear, because I trust Dark Angel's expertise.


Great IFAK Pouch

Great IFAK for the range, I love the size and ability to hold key items, I just wished it had a belt clip option rather than just MOLLE