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D.A.R.K. Slim Trauma Kit

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D.A.R.K. (DIRECT ACTION RESPONSE KIT) Slim Trauma Kit and Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

The D.A.R.K. Slim, which is similar to our signature kit, (The DARK) has everything you need, and nothing you don't when it comes to a lifesaving trauma kit. The DARK Slim is packed tightly with more trauma supplies than you can typically find in other trauma kits this size. This tactical style trauma kit, or Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), was designed with "simplicity under stress" in mind, for when you need it most. The DARK Slim is trusted by both, the Military in the world's worst environments and Law Enforcement Agencies around the country. The D.A.R.K. Slim is perfect for the Military and Law Enforcement as a tactical trauma kit, and for First Responders and Civilian use. 


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Simple and Compact in design
  • Low Profile design, based off customer feedback
  • Easily Deployable


The kit features a side mounted TQ pouch on the right side that will accommodate either the CAT (standard offering) or SOFTT-W (substitution), trauma shear retention strap and PALS channel on the left side, a 2”x3” loop patch on the front of the pouch for medical identifiers, personal identifiers, etc. and a new attachment system that eliminates snaps. The webbing is woven through the channels on web gear and “tucked” back under and tension holds the kit in place. **BLACK POUCHES HAVE DETACHABLE BELT LOOPS*** The pouch is 500D nylon made in the USA. The kit comes in multiple color choices.

Kit Contents:

1 x HALO Seal
1 x Hemostatic Gauze (QuikClot Combat Gauze LE, MIL or ChitoGauze XR Pro)
1 x NPA**
1 x Emergency Bandage
1 x Compressed Gauze
1 x Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 x Mylar Blanket
1 x Polycarbonate Eye Shied

Civilian kit will contain all of the contents above

  LE/FR level-Same as Civilian Standard level but has QuikClot Combat Gauze LE hemostatic gauze 12'

 ChitoGauze XR Pro level - Same as the LE version but has ChitoGauze XR Pro hemostatic gauze 12'

 Civilian LE/FR and ChitoGauze XR Pro can be "upgraded" to add ARS Decompression Needle.

 MIL-SPEC Version - Same as the LE version but has QuikClot Combat Gauze MIL as well as TCCC Casualty Documentation Tool and a 14 Ga ARS Decompression Needle.

 All kits can be "upgraded" to add RipShears from standard trauma shears.

 All kits can have SOFTT-W substituted for CAT. 

DARK P.I. (Pouch Insert)

If you don't want your components vacuum sealed in the 5 mil poly bag, the check the option box to substitute the pouch insert. The D.A.R.K.  P.I. (Pouch Insert) keeps your emergency components close at hand for easy access. The durable nylon insert has elastic bands sewn to the inside to secure the components with easy-to-reach red pull handles for quick deployment from your D.A.R.K. or D.A.R.K. Slim Pouch.
Once deployed, just unfold it and all of your products are ready to be put to work.

27 Reviews

  • 5
    Great value

    Posted by Jim M on May 26th 2021

    Hope to never have to use it but this kit combined with the DART class puts me in a position to make a difference if I do need it. Bringing it on all future hikes and motorcycle rides.

  • 5
    Solid kit.

    Posted by Kevin W on Mar 17th 2021

    Very solid kit. Well made and is able to be customized with very high quality medical equipment. The only thing I could be slightly improved is the pull tab to open the pouch could be sewn back over itself to provide a better grip for ripping it open. But overall it is high quality and fits well on my external vest. Much smaller profile than comparable packs and still holds just as much, if not more.

  • 5
    Super Solid Kit

    Posted by Kole on Feb 1st 2021

    It’s super solid. Comes with everything you need in a compact and well made pouch. Though it’s on the expensive side it’s well worth the price.

  • 5
    I'm nobody

    Posted by Eric on Jan 14th 2021

    I'm nobody , but this will be my second purchase Used the first one , better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it . Easy to use , very intuitive, saves lives thank you Dark Angel .

  • 5
    D.A.R.K. Slim Trauma Kit

    Posted by Kurtis on Dec 26th 2020

    Perfect size, great contents, very happy with purchase.

  • 5
    Great layout

    Posted by Cory on Dec 23rd 2020

    The attachment method allows for height adjustment on my belt, tourniquet and shears have no slop, plus, everything is quick and easy to access. The only thing that I would (and will) change is to add duct tape so you can use the vacuum seal bag or mylar blanket as extra improvised chest seals in a mass shooting situation.

  • 5
    Excellent Kit

    Posted by Royce on Dec 10th 2020

    I have two with pouch inserts. They might be slightly larger than some of the other kits out there but the extra medical you can add and being able to bundle everything (tq and shears) sold me. I’ve been through multiple pouches and these are the ones I run now. The pouch insert is awesome for being able to quickly deploy and access your med components. Definitely a great piece of kit!

  • 5
    DARK Slim

    Posted by Jack R. on Nov 10th 2020

    Excellent kit with fast arrival!

  • 5
    DARK Slim

    Posted by Andrew on Oct 7th 2020

    Going to give this thing 5 stars. Super happy with it. I decided to put this kit on my gun belt. I opted for the pouch insert on this one or easy access with my off hand. All of the vacuum sealed products arrived intact just fine. I was super excited to find out these guys were based in Colorado, so I'm supporting a local business here. My only minor complaint is with the pouch itself. It looks like a seam busted on the lid cover and i have a bit of nylon thread loose. Beyond that super minor thing, I'm thrilled with this kit.

  • 5
    Great quality product, shipped faster than advertised during COVID.

    Posted by Adam Parks on Aug 13th 2020

    High quality product. Came highly recommended and I was impressed with what was received. They shipped faster than expected in a Covid environment.

  • 5
    Great piece of kit

    Posted by TJ on Jul 7th 2020

    I have purchased a number of Dark Angel products since taking one of their classes and been impressed with all them. I picked up the Slim for my battle belt, which I use when working rifle drills on the range or when I'm camping. It keeps everything I need close at hand without being obstructive. It held up great during a rifle course I took over the Fourth and I'm very happy to have another piece of Dark Angel gear with me if I ever find myself in a situation that requires it.

  • 5
    Dark slim trauma kit

    Posted by Kyle on Apr 23rd 2020

    Great stuff has everything quick access which is great when in full gear.