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Pocket D.A.R.K. "MINI" Trauma Kit

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A legit basic pocket kit

This IFAK is a basic bare bones trauma kit. It is my EDC both on and off duty. I am a firm believer that no matter my level of training, the basics are what is going to keep myself or others alive. It fits perfectly in my cargo pockets and it has what you need to stop the bleeding long enough to get to higher level care. I added some band aids for the kids. I got the black bag to keep it discrete. Thank you all at Dark Angel Medical for putting out products like this.


A true pocket IFAK

The Dark Angel Mini is awesome. It gives you just what you need without a bunch of medical do-dads that you are probably not qualified to use. It sits in my back pocket and feels like a fat wallet. (Before kids I used to know what that felt like.) I bought the extra black pouch and that really makes getting into and out of my back pocket a breeze. I had looked at numerous other brands and options for a pocket IFAK and am extremely glad that I ended up going with Dark Angel. I am truly happy with my purchase.