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Pocket D.A.R.K. "MINI" Trauma Kit

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Mini D.A.R.K. Plus

i supervise an emergent service show, go 2 each of the MINI PLUs for personal use...just a handy addition to what i have..something in my pocket at all times...love it. have not used it and hope not to, but it is there. showed it to a friend who is in charge of preparedness for the local hospitals and the health district, he was blown away at what was in such a small package..he wants to order them for all his emergent services staff...Doc's, Nurse's, EMT's, Paramedic's Fire and Rescue personal and Law Enforcement....really made an impression...i love it, a very good thing...thank you...like all your products. john eaton St Timothy's Emergent Services Brookings, Oregon


Fantastic pocket kit!

I've been carrying a Pocket DARK Mini in my cargo pocket for over a year now and most of the time I forget it is there. It came in handy recently when a young girl fell off a scooter and cut her leg badly. It wasn't a traumatic bleed situation but my ability to have a kit in my pocket with gauze, gloves, and tape made me able to get her bandaged up quickly and make her feel better. My only problem came when I realized that I didn't have another kit at my house to be able to restock my cargo pocket. The solution was to buy two more kits! The Pocket DARK mini is a great minimalist kit to have on hand at all times because carrying a full sized kit isn't always an option. Dark Angel Medical has the most options of any company that I trust, and they have a customer for life!