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Pocket D.A.R.K. "MINI" Trauma Kit

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We took the 'minimalist' Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) and Trauma Kit to an even smaller level (roughly a little larger than a pack of cigarettes). When you just don't have the room for a larger kit but don't want to sacrifice the ability to "Stop the Bleeding and Start the Breathing," this is it. The Pocket DARK Mini.


The Pocket DARK Mini Minor Trauma Kit Features:

  • Pocket Sized and Light Weight

  • Includes our Kit for Life Guarantee

  • Quick Access to all components with our easy to open vacuumed sealed bag

  • Simple in design for ease of use in stressful situations





The Pocket DARK Mini comes vacuum-sealed in a 3 mil thick bag and includes:

  1. Mini Compression Bandage - provides a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries

  2. QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing - This 3"x4' long length of Z-Folded hemostatic gauze controls MINOR TO MODERATE bleeding with proven blood-stopping technology, is perfect for narrow wound channels and doesn't take up a lot of room.

  3. Gloves - One pair, nitrile, latex-free gloves to protect you from blood or other bodily fluids.

  4. Hyfin Chest Seals - Provides users with two vented chest seals in a compact packaging designed for the prevention, management and treatment of an open and/or tension pneumothorax potentially caused by a penetrating chest trauma.

  5. **BONUS** This is great kit for minor to moderate bleeds, but the kit is designed to be paired with a TCCC recommended tourniquet. 




Dimensions: 4" H x 2.5" W x 2" D

Weight: 4.8 ounces


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38 Reviews

  • 5
    Easy to pack kit for major trauma

    Posted by Wayne Elliott on Nov 3rd 2021

    Very well thought out kit that is easy to EDC. I was pleasantly surprised how small the kit was.

  • 5
    Perfect for Everyday Carry

    Posted by TJ on Oct 23rd 2021

    I already own two DARK kits; one for each vehicle. The mini kit allows me to always have something available when I'm not near a vehicle and don't want to attract attention with a large lump under my untucked shirt. The mini kit fits perfectly in the front pocket of my relaxed fit jeans. I don't even notice it most of the time, even when sitting. Four essential tools in one place. I just hope I don't run into two victims at the same time.

  • 5
    Nice compact kit

    Posted by Ethan T on Sep 17th 2021

    This little IFAK is great, I added some compressed gauze just so I have a little extra. I keep this clipped to my belt at work on the construction sites and it makes me feel a lot better having this capability with me. Ironworker for life.

  • 5
    I keep this with me EVERYWHERE

    Posted by Shawn Bruce on Jul 22nd 2021

    Good Company, good people. This fits in my shorts pocket and goes with me ANY time I leave the house now. In today's world, it's an unfortunate need. I do wish it had a clip-hook for attaching to belt-loops and a laminated instruction card inside, just-in-case, along with a laminated form for the "Kit for Life" replacement.

  • 5
    Dark Angel Medical experience

    Posted by Dan D2 on Apr 1st 2021

    Excellent customer service, quality products, proven ability to save live one someone is having the worst day of their life. The kits go everywhere, fit anywhere, and contribute to the healthy piece of mind that comes from being prepared. Will continue to support this veteran owned small business.

  • 5
    For the CCW minded individual

    Posted by Alan Keyes on Mar 19th 2021

    For those of you (like me) who don't smoke, the actual dimensions of the nylon bag are about 4"x6". Properly packed, the Mini+ kit is about 1" wide. If you wear cargo pockets, this will slip in no problem. In a back pocket it would fit but might stick out the top. Perfect little kit in case you don't have a secure space handy to store a full trauma kit.

  • 5
    Mini D.A.R.K.

    Posted by Kevin Mcfarland on Dec 28th 2020

    Ordered this for a Christmas present for a buddy of mine. Customer service nailed it by packaging this up in unicorns and mermaids. The product itself is awesome. Perfect to toss in any bag. I keep mine in my guide bag when I’m taking vets outdoors.

  • 5
    Good size kit

    Posted by Ernest F Johnson on Sep 22nd 2020

    Very Happy with this kit fits just about ever where, Just hope I never have to use it.

  • 5
    Mini D.A.R.K. Plus

    Posted by john s eaton ll on Sep 4th 2020

    love it..have 4 of them. one for each of my work coats and one for my trousers. the only thing i added was a nasopharyngeal airway. "never leave home without" one

  • 5
    Perfect EDC

    Posted by Lambert Edward Villiaume on Jun 24th 2020

    I ordered my original Dark Mini kit a little more than two years ago and have carried it ever since. I really like the kit and usually forget it is there. I thought I had found the perfect kit until the bag plastic in the shrink wrap wore through and I ordered the new Dark Mini. I do believe that this time I have gotten the perfect EDC kit. I ordered my new kit with the chest seal upgrade and the new nylon pouch. This kit comes with the contents vacuum sealed and then placed in a nylon bag. This outer bag is the perfect size to fit in the back pocket of regular blue jeans without being cumbersome. There is enough room that I have added some gauze pads, alcohol wipes, and adhesive strips. One thing to note in dealing with Dark Angel Medical is the excellent customer service I received. I had a special request that medium gloves be sealed in the kit and they gladly obliged with no extra charge. When discussing what to do with my old kit, Hoot told me that I could send it in to be resealed for free, I would be responsible for shipping to them but that they would take care of it on the way back, which I believe to be more than fair and certainly excellent customer service.

  • 5
    Great kit

    Posted by Michael on Jun 14th 2020

    I bought this kit to carry on my body and save space, as the larger trauma kit stays in my gear bag or vehicle. I carry a belt mounted CAT tourniquet and this kit is a great addition. It fits perfectly in my cargo pocket. I did add an extra small gauze pack along with mini 4" shears and they still fit in the case perfectly! Don't regret buying this at all!

  • 5
    Mini D.A.R.K. Plus

    Posted by br john xavier on May 9th 2020

    excellent kit just about everything one needs, stat..just add a nasal pharyngeal airway and a TQ, and there you go: leakage controlled, holes covered and air, this is a very good thing.....carry one in my Haqbit pocket, and one in my emergent services during major events and with the homeless every day....thank you...nice kit