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ouch pouch

first off, I bought this for my wife because of the name alone.... don't take that to mean it isn't good, its fantastic quality, but the name is great. I bought it for her to keep on her baby diaper bag, which is also kinda her purse, in the event of scrapes and burns etc....


Dark Angel Medical Products and Training

I have purchased several items from Dark Angel Medical (i.e. IFAK, Ouch Pouch, Replacement/add on items, and training. While, luckily, I haven't had to use the products I purchase, except for the ouch pouch, I absolutely love the quality and will continue to come back to this web site. If you haven't taken a training course with Dark Angel, you should consider it. I took the direct action response training, and it was fantastic. Taught by experienced personal, with real life experience which will hold your attention through out the course!