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Ouch Pouch - First Aid Kit

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Ouch Pouch First Aid Kit

If you're prone to slicing, dicing or otherwise dinging yourself up, you might want to invest in our new Ouch Pouch. Just throw it in your gear and be prepared for those little Ouch! moments in life. Each Ouch Pouch comes complete with a high visibility red nylon pouch made in the USA. 

The Ouch Pouch is a compact and light weight first aid kit perfect those minor first aid emergencies on the go or at home.

Ouch Pouch Contents:

  • QuikClot EMS 4x4 dressing 
  • 2" rolled gauze 
  • 5 x 2x4.5" Bandage
  • 10 x 1x3" Bandage
  • 5 x 1.75x2" Fingertip Bandage
  • 5 x 1.5x3" Knuckle Bandage
  • 5 x 3x3 Wing Bandage
  • 10 x 0.75x3 Bandage
  • 5 x Large Butterfly Sutures
  • 5 x Medium Butterfly Sutures
  • 2 x 2x2 Gauze Pads
  • 2 x Soothe-A-Sting Wipes
  • 2 x Sunscreen Lotion Packets
  • 2 x WaterJel Packets
  • 1 x Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 4 oz. 4.5"H x 5.5"W x 1.5"D

20 Reviews

  • 5
    More then expected.

    Posted by Michael on Sep 27th 2017

    I picked this up kinda as a refill for my general boo boo kit in my school bag. Reading through the contents online doesn't give a very good feel for what you really get when you open it. After opening, I was surprised at how much was really put in such a small pack. This pack is a great add-on to my EDC items in my pack for when I'm at classes and fits very nicely next to my D.A.R.K. kit. The bag has room for any small add-ons like antibiotic ointment and such. In the end, I was able to slim down my overall kit, by removing my old basic med kit and replacing much of the unused bulk of my old kit.

  • 5
    Nice little kit

    Posted by Albert Vernon on Jan 4th 2017

    After cutting myself while traveling and not being able to easily find bandages where I was, I ordered the Ouch Pouch to pack in my luggage from now own. The pouch is about the size of two decks of cards and contains mostly bandages of various sizes. On the advice of other reviewers, I added to it a tube of antibiotic ointment and QuickClot sponge.

  • 5
    Great little kit

    Posted by Chris Jensen on Dec 12th 2016

    Picked this kit up to be used in my mass casualty bag as an option for minor boo boos. I'm very pleased with it and went ahead and added a few packets of triple antibiotic ointment, some basic meds and a Mini Vial Kit (Mini Tweezers & 2 Safety Pins) to round the kit out. It is still very light and compact even with the few items I added. I will most likely be picking up a few more for the family to have on hand for our daily activities.

  • 5
    Ouch Pouch is a great base to build on

    Posted by C. Deffaa on Sep 2nd 2016

    I have recently purchased the Ouch Pouch. The pouch incorporated just the right amount of aid for all those dings, scrapes and cuts. However, more importantly, it is housed in a small package, well put together and I have built on that base, for not only the small, but an emergency trauma incident by adding the Swat-T, Compression and the Israeli bandages with a pair of shears. Hopefully, I'll never have to use any of the contents, but if I do Angel has provided the means to provide until expert medical personnel are on scene. Great assortment and wonderful quality.

  • 4
    Pretty nice little kit.

    Posted by James on Aug 18th 2016

    This isn't a bad little kit at all. Nice and compact. Maybe a little pricey for its contents I thought at first but after sifting through the items I found they were high quality. I did add a small tube of antibacterial ointments and a couple of packets of 2g Celox to complete it out. It has definitely improved the first aid readiness of my EDC backpack. I would buy again.

  • 4
    compact and surprisingly complete

    Posted by James on Aug 9th 2016

    Nice, compact better then basic bandaid pack. Has nearly everything necessary for the minor scrapes and cuts that can really make a day bad. I will buy more when I can, tool box, truck, motorcycle and of course the home are just a few places that would benefit from this kit. Right now, I keep it in my gear bag....... It seems about right.

  • 4
    Good first aid for the kids.

    Posted by Josh Campbell on Jun 21st 2016

    Most cuts I acquire, I don't worry about, and I have larger kits to handle things that I do worry about. Having two toddlers pointed out that I was missing a key element in the spectrum of first aid: bandages for the little cuts. This kit is small enough to fit into a cargo pocket, and has enough variety in bandages to cover all of the minor stuff. I think a small tube of antibiotic ointment would be a plus, but it's an easy aftermarket add on. I tossed a SWAT-T in mine as well- you just never know with kids.

  • 5
    very nice

    Posted by Michael J. Drougas on Jun 17th 2016

    Very, Very happy with my purchase. Has it all in a very nice pouch that's easy to see.....I'll be buying a few more to have in my shoeing truck and the horse hauling truck........GREAT price