ST MIKE Bag Trauma Kit

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ST MIKE Bag Trauma Kit

ST MIKE (Severe Trauma & Medical Intervention Kit, Emergency) Bag We all need St. Mike to cover our six! The ST MIKE Bag (Severe Trauma & Medical Intervention Kit, Emergency) is a custom-designed bag designed to take care of everything from life-threatening hemorrhage down to minor cuts and scrapes for several personnel.



  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Detachable Back Pack Straps
  • Detachable Should Strap
  • 500D NIR Nylon Construction
  • Removable Dividers for Customization



It is constructed of durable 500D NIR Nylon, Coyote Brown in color and has a quick access flap on one side for first-line items such as TQ's, pressure dressings, hemostatics and airways. The reverse side has a zip pocket perfect for holding various occlusive seals or other flat dressings. The internal compartment is divided up into six sections (dividers can be removed or re-configured) to hold items such as gauze, splints, tape, etc. The end pockets have built in drain grommets and can hold spare mags, water bottles, radios or boo-boo kits. It has an attached shoulder strap and also has backpack loops built into the bottom of the bag which can utilize the FirstSpear ECP straps purchased separately from FirstSpear. The bag comes in two options. Stocked or Empty. It does have triple-antibiotic ointment, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin packets as well. Please ensure you are not allergic to these products before taking them.



  • 10 x bandaids 
  • 5 packs x Small Butterfly Sutures-
  • 5 packs x Large Butterfly Sutures 
  • 2 x Kerlix 4" Gauze 
  • 4 x Kerlix 3" Gauze 
  • 2 x 1" surgical tape 
  • 10 x 4x4 Gauze 
  • 10 x 2x2 gauze 
  • 5 x ABD Pads 
  • 4 x Compressed Gauze 
  • 2 x SAM Splint 
  • 4 x 4" Ace Wrap 
  • 1 x HALO XL 
  • 2 x HALO 
  • 1 x Eye Wash 
  • 1 x 6" Izzy 
  • 3 x 4" Izzy 
  • 2 x Space Blanket 
  • 2 x Cravats (Triangular Bandage) 
  • 1x 7.5" Trauma Shears 
  • 2 x QuikClot Combat Gauze LE 
  • 2 x QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing (4 ft)
  • 2 x CAT TQ 
  • 2x SWAT-T 
  • 10 pair x Nitrile Gloves 
  • 2 x NPA's 
  • 1 x Burn Gel 
  • Vionex wipes x 10 
  • Glucose x 1 
  • After Bite x 1 
  • Tylenol x 5 
  • two packs Motrin x 5 
  • two packs Aspirin x 5 
  • two packs Sunscreen x 2 
  • packs Alcohol Pads x 10 
  • Hand Sanitizer x 1 


Dimensions: 8"H x 18"W x 9"

Weight: 8lbs -Stocked 2lbs -Empty




2 Reviews

Aug 29th 2017

Nice product

Well made, well stocked, pretty much has everything i need with room to add more if I want. For larger trauma kit this would be hard to beat right out of the box.

Sep 20th 2016

Review of St. Mike Medical kit

It is a well rounded kit. Like any stocked kit, it will need to be customized with a few little additions here and there to meet one's specific needs. I think that I may have misunderstood that it would come with shoulder straps, which could be upgraded with those available from First Spear. Once I repacked the kit by groups, I found that the top closure to the main compartment left a gap between the zipper, top material between the zippers and the Velcro'ed flap. Small items (a roll of surgical tape & assorted small packs of gauze) fell out when I rolled the kit a couple times to test if any items could potentially fall out. I believe that the strip of fabric and zippers could be made longer in the future to close more of the gap on the roof of the compartment; while still allowing it to be swiftly opened when needed. The Velcro'ed side compartment for the TQ's, NPA, Izzy bandages, etc could use a little more fabric & Velcro overlap to ensure that the items stored in the elastic loops do not fall out of the sides of the compartment. A 2-3 inches wider band of Velcro on the inside surface of the same compartment's flap may also help to secure the items from falling out of the sides. I mention this because 2 vacuum packed bandages did fall out of their elastic loop and the compartment. All contents fit in the pouches of the bag with room to spare for additional small items (meds, stethoscope, gauze, tape, etc.) as needed. Just be aware to secure smaller items inside the zippered pockets. It is a good kit and bag, but I question if I will add straps to carry it as a pack due to these concerns.

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