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Ankle Kit - Trauma Kit


Substitute SOFTT-W
Add Decompression Needle for $10
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Great product - Allows me to carry the essentials at all times.

Highly suggest ordering or using with the SOF Tourniquet and look online for a slim fold process. Much more comfortable than the CAT in this carrier. I like the CAT better, especially for those unfamiliar or limited training as it seems to be intuitive, but the new GEN 4 SOF isn't far behind. With the lower profile it makes EDC with this much more comfortable. I've been wearing for nearly a month every day thus far. Typically I wear with jeans, may print much more with slacks or some office clothing. Overall a great product from a great company.


Ankle kit

As a LEO, I’ve always carried medical on me on duty. I’d carried minimal medical on my own time until recently. This kit allows me to carry all the essentials at all times. Thanks for a great product!