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Dark Angel Medical

Ankle Kit - Trauma Kit

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The Ankle Kit - Trauma Kit / Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

Being prepared takes effort, and it is something that doesn't just happen. Being prepared is a Lifestyle. With the Ankle Kit, carrying an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) / Trauma Kit easier than ever.

The Dark Angel Medical Ankle Trauma Kit offers what you need for traumatic injuries in a small, compact, easy to carry and concealable package that fits comfortably on your ankle. The elastic nylon pouch (available in black only) is made in the USA and features an open top construction with easy to grip red pull tabs similar to open top magazine pouches to gain easy access to the medical components. The pouch features a hook and loop closure which will accommodate a large size of ankles. The pouch has a compartment for a tourniquet (CAT or SOFTT-W-compatible), 2 separate compartments acceptable for other items such as hemostatic gauze, compact pressure bandages, gloves, chest seals, et. An additional small pocket will hold either a marker or a chest decompression needle.





The full kit contains the following:

1 package of Hemostatic Gauze:  (QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing or ChitoGauze XR Pro)

1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves

1 H&H Mini Compression Bandage 

1 Pair of Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seals

1 Tourniquet (CAT Gen 7, Black is standard with option to substitute SOFTT-W, Black at no additional cost)


Dimensions: 4.5” H x 3.25” W x 1.25” D

Weight: 6 oz.


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36 Reviews

  • 5
    Ankle Kit

    Posted by Grant Wood on Feb 8th 2023

    Great kit! I’ve tried lots of other methods of carrying a TQ and assorted medical gear, but this ankle kit is not only well thought out with quality gear, but it’s super comfortable. I hardly even notice I have it on!

  • 5
    This kit is extremely handy and amazing

    Posted by Don S. on Feb 11th 2022

    I love how low profile this kit is and how well it hides! With regular cargo pants on it disappears and is not detectable to any passerby. Giving you the ability to discretely carry bleeding control items that are essential to save a life. I forget it's on after about an hour. The ankle pouch is very sturdy elastic with strong velcro, I expect it to last me a very long time. I've tried doing a lot of dynamic movement and running and jumping to see if I can get the CAT or any of the med supplies to fall out and haven't been able to yet. Everything is super secure and will not come out until I remove it and have to use it. I love this thing and it's with me every day! So glad Kerry showed it to me!

  • 5
    Ankle Kit - Trauma Kit

    Posted by Earl Sloan on Sep 17th 2021

    The nylon ankle pouch is very nice, well made, sturdy yet light weight. I often forget I'm wearing it. I ordered the SOF T-W for the ability to stage it flatter than the CAT-7. After wearing this for a few days I do not think the CAT-7 would be a detriment to concealability. I may try a CAT-7 in the kit next. The items included in the kit are all top notch, none of the cheap Chinese garbage like you can purchase from a well known online selling website for cheap. A $10 CAT? I'm not betting MY life on that. The only thing I would change is the elastic retainers. I would give them a little more slack. It would make it easier to place items in the pockets but would still keep them in place. Also, as others have said, the sharpie does not stay in place. I just put it in the same pocket as the chest seals and clipped to them. This is a nice Stop the Bleed kit and although it has minimal items it has everything you need to stop massive hemorrhaging, the leading cause of death in a trauma situation. I have a more extensive kit in my vehicle, but my vehicle is twenty minutes away from me for most of the day. Considering that a person can bleed out from the femoral artery in about three minutes that is much to far away to retrieve the car kit in time to make a difference. This kit is now part of my EDC and this, or something similar, should be part of yours.

  • 5
    So Far So Good

    Posted by Jam Bacchus on Sep 1st 2021

    This is my first ankle kit so I do have much to compare it to. I did my research though and everything pointed me to this kit. I did wear it all day this past Sunday as I could not carry my pack with my DARK kit in it. It was light and concealable. I barely knew I was wearing it and gave me peace of mind.

  • 5
    Ankle kit

    Posted by Marshall Wilhelm on Aug 4th 2021

    Very very comfortable sometimes forget I'm wearing it at all, can sometimes feel a little warm around the ankle but nothing I would consider remotely uncomfortable I wear boot cut jeans and it hardly prints even though I am skinny and they are slightly more form fitting I would recommend this to anyone looking for EDC medical

  • 5
    Ankle Kit

    Posted by Mark Baldwin on Jun 16th 2021

    Excellent product. Quality material. I have not tried it out while running. Seems to be well thought out. I carry it in my right ankle and GLOCK 26 on my left. Fits snug against the ankle. All products seem to be secured properly. I am well prepared for any crisis with my ankle kit and my pocket doc in my left leg cargo pouch. Keep up the good work Kerry!

  • 5
    D.A.M. Ankle Kit

    Posted by Ben Madsen on May 9th 2021

    It is very light, it is good to have “the necessary equipment” on me all the time, and it is good quality. My only issues are that the chest seal and other packaging stick out a bit, and have a tendency to dig into my leg, and even when wearing relaxed fit jeans, they still print. It can mostly be solved with a solid bit of readjustment and high socks.

  • 5
    Ankle kit

    Posted by Greg Loehr on May 7th 2021

    Surprisingly comfortable and unobtrusive. I'm able to wear it above my working boots, and I also added chest vents to the kit.

  • 5
    Ankle First Aid

    Posted by Jordan Sheffield on Nov 16th 2020

    I like the kit. wears easily. Still new so we will see! I have high hopes.

  • 5
    DAM ankle kit

    Posted by Steve Mac on Apr 13th 2020

    Great piece of kit. Comfortable and unobtrusive. Keeps everything very secure.

  • 5
    Great product - Allows me to carry the essentials at all times.

    Posted by Warren Noll on Feb 23rd 2020

    Highly suggest ordering or using with the SOF Tourniquet and look online for a slim fold process. Much more comfortable than the CAT in this carrier. I like the CAT better, especially for those unfamiliar or limited training as it seems to be intuitive, but the new GEN 4 SOF isn't far behind. With the lower profile it makes EDC with this much more comfortable. I've been wearing for nearly a month every day thus far. Typically I wear with jeans, may print much more with slacks or some office clothing. Overall a great product from a great company.

  • 5
    Ankle kit

    Posted by Robert Nixon on Jan 18th 2020

    As a LEO, I’ve always carried medical on me on duty. I’d carried minimal medical on my own time until recently. This kit allows me to carry all the essentials at all times. Thanks for a great product!